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Grand Duchy’s “Petit Four” (Frank Black/Violet Clark)

I hate to call her “Frank Black’s wife,” but it’s an inevitable connection. Violet Clark (and Black) go by the name of “Grand Duchy,” but it’s largely her project and song-writing. A lot of it is largely unknown but widely available work. She released “Petit Four” in 2009. It sounded like an extension of the Pixies work quite often, but it becomes apparent she is really into early 80’s new…
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Raveonettes’ “Sound Of The Month” for February 2016

The Raveonettes premiered “Run Mascara Run” this week, as they release one track a month this year, prior to releasing their new album. Listen/watch the lyric video below. I have to admit, it’s a bit of a snoozer, fixating on Sune’s recent obsession (of sorts, their early music was influenced by this as well of course) with 50’s/60’s Doo-Wop era music, and throwing in some spoken word with Sharon’s vocals.…
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Federale – Sarcophagus, Live

Federale pays homage to Spaghetti Western and Ennio Morricone compositions, and they do it brilliantly. I can never make it to what is now called “Levitation Austin,” (formerly the Austin Psych Fest), but the fact they were added for 2016, along with the other acts, makes it the best scene going for the last 6-8 years in particular.

The Metal Days – Grim Reaper

Bought a ticket to see Grim Reaper in Indianapolis, this March (2016) recently. I had never seen them live, and now it’s “Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper.” I am not sure, as of yet, if Nick Bowcott is touring with them, but he (an ace guitar riffer) and Grimmett were the heart of the band, not to discount the great work of Dave Wanklin on bass. The band has gone through…
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Brian Jonestown Massacre 2016 US/Canada Tour Dates

BJM Logo

It’s not often that BJM tours the states this extensively, with Anton being based in Berlin. In fact, I’ve never had the chance to actually see them live, as they’re usually playing out west and timing has never worked out. Of course, they’re not coming to Cincinnati, because no one ever does unless they’re Alt-Country or a LiveNation or TicketMaster scam/reunion show. But living here affords me the ability to…
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Kris Novoselic Interview/Playlist

“The thing about danger in rock is that it takes its toll. People burn out. The only person able to sustain this, not surprising, is Iggy Pop. Yet sadly, the rest of the Stooges are gone. I recall in the early days of Nirvana how some hipsters would sneer at us. We didn’t care. Today, some of these people seem to be aghast that you can buy Nirvana T-shirts at…
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