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RVG – Rising Aussie Stars Oct 2017 Release: “A Quality Of Mercy”

I’ll have to pay more attention to the Australian music scene, along with King Gizzard and Pond, RVG stand out to me.

RVG are comprised of Romy Vager, Angus Bell (Drug Sweat, The Galaxy Folk), Reuben Bloxham (Hearing, Gregor), and Marc Nolte (Rayon Moon). Vager has the seemingly tormented soul of a genuine artist and a personal vision that lends itself so well to genre-bending, creative rock music. It’s always good to see younger bands making original music worth listening to. Their sound may be more identified with 80’s post-punk/goth vs Psychedelia (which is what I tend to focus on here, but that genre in and of itself is not narrowly-defined nor meant to be).

“Quality of Mercy” was released in October 2017, and is RVG’s debut LP. Check them out on Bandcamp:


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