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29 Years Ago Today…Earth, Sun, Moon

Definitely a top 10 album favorite of mine…growing-up in the midwest, in the 80’s, I relied on word-of-mouth, magazines and MTV, sadly, but I had never heard anything like this when it popped on 120 minutes. And it got me into Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & The Bunnymen, and so many other great bands influenced by 60’s psychedelic music, new wave and 80’s goth art rock.

“Earth, Sun, Moon” is a masterpiece from start to finish, timeless as all great rock music is. Lesser known songs like “Telephone Empty,” “Youth,” “Rain Bird” and “Welcome Tomorrow” flow right along with the album and are never boring, fit right in to the style and sound of the album, and are just as memorable to me as the more well known songs (Waiting For the Flood, No New Tale to Tell, Mirror People, The Light).

The Light

No New Tale to Tell

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