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Courtney Taylor Interview Quote(s)

The uncomfortably bad interviewer (who to his credit is speaking what seems to be his 2nd language, which is more than I can say for myself) asked the hilarious question, “Is it possible to do music without drugs?” (of course he meant to ask something more complex and poignant than that, but his English skills throw a tired Courtney Taylor off the entire interview). This happens starting at 8 minutes in. Courtney’s response had me laughing out loud, while I loved the brutal honesty and absurdity:

“It’s possible to ‘do’ music without drugs, but…your music just isn’t going to be very good.” Then the awkward pause from the interviewer…classic.

The fact that he’s still “drinking and drugging” (but still doing it responsibly, I think) while Anton Newcombe is, from all accounts, dry and sober, is something I never thought I’d see. But yeah people burn out early, others can ride it out and have a different mindset I suppose.

Taylor also describes how he feels the 90’s had a much more more abrasive, shitty vibe, whereas now people are much calmer and smarter and nicer wherever he goes (tying it back to how Portland has changed since 1996 as well). Taylor seems to be inferring that generally speaking, people have become more elevated socially and personally, especially in the rock music scene, where it’s most apparent, and that it’s a good thing, despite the lack of great, influential popular bands in rock music these days.

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