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Raveonettes’ “Sound Of The Month” for February 2016

The Raveonettes premiered “Run Mascara Run” this week, as they release one track a month this year, prior to releasing their new album. Listen/watch the lyric video below.

I have to admit, it’s a bit of a snoozer, fixating on Sune’s recent obsession (of sorts, their early music was influenced by this as well of course) with 50’s/60’s Doo-Wop era music, and throwing in some spoken word with Sharon’s vocals. I’m not hearing much of Sune’s guitar in these, which is why I liked their previous album so much (along with well-crafted songs and interludes, lots of crazy-sounding fuzz and psychedelic overtones) and they rarely miss the mark, but they are one of my top 5 favorite bands/duo’s, and I’ll look forward to the rest in the coming months.

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