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The Metal Days – Grim Reaper

Bought a ticket to see Grim Reaper in Indianapolis, this March (2016) recently. I had never seen them live, and now it’s “Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper.” I am not sure, as of yet, if Nick Bowcott is touring with them, but he (an ace guitar riffer) and Grimmett were the heart of the band, not to discount the great work of Dave Wanklin on bass. The band has gone through a constant rotation of drummers since 1979 or so, not sure why yet. I was a metal head until I was about 16. I have a weak spot for classic British Metal, and the very few American bands who sounded like them at the time. It’s all about the early 80’s scene for me, even though I was just in middle school then.

I really liked this tune off of their debut (with Grimmett) “See You In Hell,” in 1983. Insane vocals, not many people sing like that, or know they can, it’s some Tibetan Monk shit Europeans dig out of their DNA, I don’t know, but it’s awesome and inhuman (see the last 30 seconds of the video below).

Grim Reaper’s debut “See You In Hell” was either a shoplifted cassette or cover art purchase at an area record store in 1983. I don’t know why I liked it so much, but it was always sort of a personal thing – silliness combined with this fantasy-realm delivery via Grammett’s voice, that really made them stand out. They had this awesome, epic innocence and theatrical approach while singing about hell and the devil, it was early-teen crack for nerds. Bowcott’s guitar riffs were underrated, still are, it was really well-done British Metal at the tail-end of that genre’s popularity, that didn’t get much attention.

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