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Kris Novoselic Interview/Playlist

“The thing about danger in rock is that it takes its toll. People burn out. The only person able to sustain this, not surprising, is Iggy Pop. Yet sadly, the rest of the Stooges are gone. I recall in the early days of Nirvana how some hipsters would sneer at us. We didn’t care. Today, some of these people seem to be aghast that you can buy Nirvana T-shirts at J.C. Penney; like the band is not cool anymore. I am proud that Nirvana will always rock, no matter where you buy your clothes. We grew up with working people. Foo Fighters are carrying the torch by connecting to people in a personal way. I was once at one of their shows, watching from the side of the stage. I looked out into the stands, way up high on the left, and there is this woman standing on the steps moving to the music in a visceral way. She stepped out of her seat to hang onto every note. This was her night. I bet she worked hard all week and needed to feel something. I could tell she got what she paid for.”

Playlist: What is Krist Novoselic listening to?

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