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Desert Daze Festival 2016

Some photos I took while at this year’s Desert Daze Festival in Joshua Tree, CA. Couldn’t have asked for a better festival, crowd and location.

Kim Gordon Releases New Single “Murdered Out”

I read Gordon’s book recently, and really enjoyed it. She’s so driven by the art world and music, and carries the experience imprints of my generation in her words and songs (Gen X’ers I guess). It’s also refreshing to hear an intellectually capable “anti-singer” in this day and age of PYT’s, corporate Princesses, Disney bots and jock butt culture. She discusses it with NPR here: NPR Interview Listen to single:

Book Review: Paranoid: Black Days with Sabbath & Other Horror Stories

I felt compelled to “review” this book by author Mick Wall, as I thought it was quite good. I didn’t know who the fuck Mick Wall was, as he spent most of his time during the 70’s and 80’s in Europe writing for various music rags and hosting the cable TV show “Monsters of Rock” on Skynet there. Here in the states, we didn’t get the show or hear much…
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29 Years Ago Today…Earth, Sun, Moon

Definitely a top 10 album favorite of mine…growing-up in the midwest, in the 80’s, I relied on word-of-mouth, magazines and MTV, sadly, but I had never heard anything like this when it popped on 120 minutes. And it got me into Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & The Bunnymen, and so many other great bands influenced by 60’s psychedelic music, new wave and 80’s goth art rock. “Earth, Sun, Moon”…
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Courtney Taylor Interview Quote(s)

The uncomfortably bad interviewer (who to his credit is speaking what seems to be his 2nd language, which is more than I can say for myself) asked the hilarious question, “Is it possible to do music without drugs?” (of course he meant to ask something more complex and poignant than that, but his English skills throw a tired Courtney Taylor off the entire interview). This happens starting at 8 minutes…
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Temples Announce 2016 US Tour Dates

One of the great young bands out there today. Looking forward to catching them again, this time at Desert Daze in Joshua Tree later this year. Oct 14 Desert Daze Joshua Tree, CA Oct 15 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA Oct 17 Star Theater Portland, OR Oct 18 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA Oct 21 Turf Club St Paul, MN Oct 22 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL Oct 23 The…
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Serial Metaphysics

“Serial Metaphysics”: A fever dream of pure Americana as seen thru early 70s TV commercials More info Here

An Ode To Cheap Trick

1. I have a weird infatuation with early Cheap Trick 2. I was born 1969, and was at a prime age for their angst-ridden songs aimed at teenagers in the early 80’s. 3. After “Next Position Please” (the equivalent of Rush going from “Grace Under Pressure” to “Power Windows” and beyond – for me any ways) my interest largely dropped-off, especially after the horrible radio pop cheese that was “The…
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Desert Stars Festival Announces 2nd Half Of Lineup (almost)

Desert Stars Festival 2nd Half Lineup Announced A so-so lineup (it’s just my opinion, my page, my rules!) with a couple of disappointing 2nd tier headliners in “Sloan” and “And You’ll Know Us By The Trail Of the Dead” (having to type out an entire sentence to name a band was their first mistake) is buoyed by the strong inclusions of “Dinosaur Jr.,” “Federale” and “Sebadoh.” “Ancient Rivers” and “Hebron…
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